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Patterson's Pressure Washing

Our Best Work is Done Under Pressure.

Al Patterson, the sole owner and operator of Patterson's Pressure Washing, passed away on November 2, 2022.

Patterson's Pressure Washing has closed for business permanently. We appreciate all of the customers we have been able to serve over the years. Have a blessed day!


We have been established in the pressure washing business and working full time since 1999

And have been pressure washing all types of homes, cleaning driveways, sidewalks, patios, paver’s, and curbing as well as cleaning and sealing all types of decks regardless of size.

On the commercial side, the flat work we do consists of store fronts, restaurants, strip malls, parking lots and multi-level garages, as well as working with builders on most types of new construction specializing in red clay removal and cleanup. The pressure washing business has drastically changed due to the water crisis we are now experiencing. In order to conserve our precious water supply and to comply with the clean water act, we have expanded our business and invested in new water reclamation system.

This system allows us to recover our used waste water, run it through a filter system and then reuse the same water over again. Using this method, we are conserving our precious water supply by recycling our water, as well as being compliant with the law under the Clean Water Act making sure we don’t contaminate our creeks, streams and rivers by letting harmful chemicals, detergents, oils go into our storm drains.



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